WASHINGTON - The states of California, Connecticut, and Vermont led the United States in energy efficiency policies, programs, and technologies in 2006, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

The organization's new report, "The State Energy Efficiency Scorecard for 2006," places the three states in a tie for first place because of their spending on energy efficiency programs, their efforts to set efficiency standards for buildings and appliances, and other energy efficiency programs that the states are involved in. Rounding out the top ten are Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, New York, and New Jersey in spots four through eight, respectively, and Rhode Island and Minnesota tying for ninth.

“States are leading the nation in mining efficiency as the ‘first fuel’ in the race to solve America’s energy security and global warming challenges,” said ACEEE Acting Executive Director Bill Prindle, and co-author of the Scorecard. “Unless we accelerate the pace of efficiency investment, no clean energy strategy will work.”

The report is available for free download at www.aceee.org/pubs/e075.htm or a hard copy can be purchased for $35 plus $5 postage and handling from ACEEE Publications, 1001 Connecticut Avenue N.W., Suite 801, Washington, DC 20036-5525, or call 202-429-0063, fax 202-429-0193, or e-mail aceee_publications@aceee.org.

Publication date:06/11/2007