COLUMBUS, Ohio - Refrigeration Sales Corp. (RSC) moved its sales center and distribution warehouse. According to the company, the 45,000 square-foot facility will enhance customer service and support RSC’s No. 1 goal - service speed.

“The Columbus location is extremely accessible and convenient to customers both north and south of Columbus,” said Warren Farr, president of RSC. “This is important because a large portion of our business is customer pickup.”

Service speed was the primary driver in designing RSC’s new Columbus facility. As a result, significant investments were made in the layout, machinery, and technology of the facility. Investments include all new material storage and handling systems, a showroom, and training facilities. To help ensure quick and easy customer pickup, the new facility also has five loading docks.

“Our emphasis is on reducing the amount of time that a customer spends on nonvalue activities, such as ordering and picking up product,” commented Farr. “This facility investment in the Columbus, Ohio, area is a visible sign of our commitment to growth in this marketplace.”

Publication date:06/11/2007