MONCTON, New Brunswick - The Council of the Federation, comprised of Canada's premiers, has released its energy plan, “A Shared Vision for Energy in Canada.” According to the federation, the document highlights the importance of energy conservation, supply, demand, and infrastructure to Canada's continued prosperity.

The plan strikes a balance between security of energy supply, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic prosperity. The following steps are seven strategic elements highlighted in the plan:

1.Promote energy efficiency and conservation;

2.Accelerate energy research and deployment of new technology;

3. Facilitate development of renewable, green, and cleaner energy sources;

4.Develop and enhance a modern, reliable, environmentally safe and efficient series of energy transmission and transportation networks;

5.Improve the timeliness and certainty of regulatory approval processes for the energy sector, while ensuring rigorous protection of the environment and public interest;

6.Implement strategies to meet energy-sector human resources needs; and

7.Pursue formalized participation of provinces and territories in international discussions and negotiations on energy.

The premiers called upon the federal government to acknowledge the constitutional jurisdiction of the provinces and territories and to formally involve provinces and territories in international discussions and negotiations that affect their jurisdiction.

They also directed their environment ministers to complete work with the federal government toward a rational and efficient process for environmental assessment, which would ensure appropriate protection of the environment and the public interest while eliminating overlap and duplication.

For more information, contact Nicole Picot, Office of the Premier of New Brunswick, 506-453-2144, or e-mail

Publication date:09/10/2007