QwikShot® Acid Flush™ is the only refrigeration system acid flush that doesn’t leave residue or invalidate compressor warranties, claims the manufacturer. The acid flush is injected into an operating system and vaporizes with the refrigerant. It immediately travels throughout the system and chemically attaches to acid and/or moisture molecules and flushes them to the filter-drier. Originally developed for military and NASA refrigeration systems, it is compatible with all refrigerants and oils, and is especially effective on acid that’s attached to hard internal surfaces or trapped in system oil. Qwikshot is packaged with a metal reusable QwikInjector™, for first-time users, and comes in packs of four 1/2-ounce bottles. One 1/2-ounce bottle services up to 5 tons of refrigeration. According to the company, overdoses of the product will not harm a system.

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