The Knight™ heating boiler is now available in new wall-mounted models, for space-saving installation versatility. The new compact, wall-mount models are designed to enhance installation flexibility, while still offering all of the features and benefits of the floor-standing units. The boiler has earned the Energy Star qualification. The fully modulating 5:1 turndown burner allows the unit to keep fuel use to an absolute minimum by adjusting heat output according to demand. The 80 to 285 models have a 93 percent DOE AFUE efficiency rating, and the 399 and 500 models offer a 95 percent thermal efficiency rating. In low temperature radiant applications, the efficiency reaches as high as 98 percent. The unit permits air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 equivalent feet using 3-inch PVC or CPVC pipe as well as intake and vent runs up to 40 feet using 2-inch pipe. Standard control features of the Smart System™ operating control include outdoor reset with sensor, three-pump control, night setback, and password security. Optional software for a PC or Pocket PC offers expanded capability for recording, tracking, and analyzing system data to fine-tune operation for maximum performance and troubleshooting.

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