Energy saving improvements for the school district include installing a centralized energy management system (EMS) using direct digital controls to operate systems such as HVAC, and installing energy efficient lighting.

DALLAS - The board of trustees of the Crockett Independent School District (CISD) in Crockett, Texas, has signed a performance contract with TAC for more than $700,000 in facility upgrades to improve building operations, comfort, and security while enabling the district to better control utility costs. TAC will install the enhancements at the district’s three schools.

TAC guarantees that the CISD will save a minimum of $76,500 annually in utility costs as a result of the energy efficiency improvements. This will result in at least $1.15 million in utility savings over the next 15 years. In addition, the district will qualify for a one-time utility rebate of almost $10,000 from the local electric company.

Among the problems faced by CISD that TAC will address are increasing utility costs, outdated and ineffective building automation equipment, poor lighting, inadequate security at the high school, and high water costs, especially for irrigating the district’s athletic fields.

“Having just passed a bond to build a new school, we felt it was important to also make improvements to our existing facilities,” said John Walker, business manager, CISD. “With no bond money allocated, however, we had to find a financially responsible solution to upgrade our aging campuses without the need for taxpayer support. Contracting with TAC allows the district to use existing funds already being spent on utilities and redirect them toward capital needs. As time goes on, the additional savings created can be used for other general fund items.”

Energy and water saving improvements TAC will complete for the CISD include implementing a centralized energy management system (EMS) using direct digital controls to operate systems such as the HVAC system, and installing energy efficient lighting. TAC will also excavate an irrigation well for watering the athletic fields. With a dedicated well, maintaining the fields will not interfere with the local water supply or cause the district to pay a premium for high water usage.

Finally, TAC will install a new surveillance system at the high school that will allow administrators to see what is happening around campus at any given time throughout the day or night. This is intended to deter vandalism and enable administrators to identify perpetrators.

To enable the district to achieve continued savings, TAC will provide staff training on operating and maintaining the EMS. In addition, ongoing utility tracking by TAC called Performance Assurance Support Services (PASS) will show CISD administrators how much utility costs have dropped on a monthly basis.

“Students, faculty, and other staff at the CISD will enjoy a better learning and working environment as a result of these facility updates,” said Wes McDaniel, vice president of TAC Energy Solutions. “This is especially true for the high school where the new EMS will allow the facility staff to have control of the indoor environment and to optimize comfort and efficiency.”

As part of the performance contract, TAC guarantees that the CISD will save at least $76,500 annually on utilities, or TAC will pay the difference.

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Publication date:07/02/2007