MINNETONKA, Minn. - Digi International has introduced the ConnectPort X product family, a line of IP gateways designed to provide seamless connectivity of ZigBee, Wi-Fi, cellular, and Ethernet traffic to centralized applications and databases. The ConnectPort X family is augmented by new families of Xbee™ adapters and wall routers that provide end-device connectivity and network extension. These new products are said to signify the introduction of a broader category of “Drop-in Networking” solutions. Drop-in Networking provides end-to-end wireless connectivity to commercial grade electronic devices in locations where wired infrastructure doesn't exist or doesn't satisfy customer needs.

For applications in building control, energy management, manufacturing, supply chain management, and others, Drop-in Networks provide an easy, economical, and non-intrusive way to connect devices anywhere they reside, said the company.

Drop-in Networks leverage Digi's expertise across a range of wireless technologies including ZigBee, Wi-Fi, cellular, and 900MHz RF. Drop-in Networking solutions include ConnectPort X ZigBee-to-IP gateways, XBee device adapters, XBee wall routers and bridges, XBee embedded modules, Connect WAN and ConnectPort WAN cellular routers, and Digi Connectware® Manager network management platform.

Starter kits combining a ConnectPort X8 gateway with XBee adapters and modules, a sensor device, and a manual featuring sample applications are to be available for sale in July.

"Drop-in Networking addresses the two acute requirements in this market: the need for a complete offering to cover the diverse requirements, and most importantly, the need to provide users, device manufacturers, integrators, and application developers a simple, easy-to-apply family of networking solutions," said Glen Allmendinger of Harbor Research. "Making it simple to network products and utilize the wealth of information they contain will revolutionize all businesses and their relationships with customers."

For more information on Digi International, visit www.digi.com. For more information on Drop-in Networking products, visit http://www.digi.com/products/wirelessdropinnetworking/.

Publication date:07/02/2007