COMPANY: Munters Moisture Control Services, Glendale Heights, Ill.

INSTALLATION: DHI-125-ESU Dehumidifiers with PowerPurge™ technology

COMPLETION: Scheduled for May 2008

CUSTOMER: PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia

OBJECTIVE: Installation of temporary drying system to control interior conditions during hospital construction.

DESCRIPTION: During the construction of the 645,000-square-foot Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Center, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS) helped the general contractor, PCL Constructors Westcoast Inc., develop a strategic plan to complete construction on time. The project required precise humidity and temperature control during the interior finishing stage and Munter’s desiccant dehumidification plan ensured comprehensive air distribution throughout the structure without affecting the supply or return ductwork on the permanent HVAC system. Munters accomplished this with its new line of desiccant dehumidifiers - the DHI-125-ESU. These units have a 9,000-cfm system that operates on both natural gas and electric power.

“Munters equipment held steady, maintaining both workable interior conditions as well as providing proportionate drying functions…”

- Rob Ireland, PCL general superintendent

Publication date:06/25/2007