Quiet, dependable service that is easy to install and maintain brought three manufacturers recognition inThe NEWS’fourth annual Dealer Design Awards’ Refrigeration & Ice Machines category. Copeland’s System Pro™ prevailed as the gold winner for its multiple factory-installed features that reduce on-site installation and service time. Tecumseh Products Co.’s Vector Series Modular Refrigeration System (MRS) ran a close second, taking the silver award for its multiple applications and custom designs. Finishing with a bronze award, the Hoshizaki Serenity Series Cuber self-cleaning ice machine won for its quiet performance and self-diagnostics.

GOLD: The Copeland® System Pro™ is a fractional horsepower condensing unit.


The Copeland® System Pro™ is a fractional horsepower condensing unit that reduces the amount of necessary on-site installation supplies, tube prepping, and brazing, and provides a solution to working in restricted places. The unit comes with factory-installed, -sealed, and -tested system protection devices already in place. These pre-installed system features include EK filter driers, tri-color hermetic moisture warning indicators, and factory-tested braze joints. These joints reduce the need for frequent leak inspections, resulting in fewer jobsite problems and callbacks.

One of the judges experienced with the System Pro said that he “liked the fact that contractors can just swap out the unit instead of making repairs.”

Contractors will find this unit is recommended for many retail refrigeration applications including “reach-in cases, food prep tables, and under counters.” Reducing the possibility of leaks isn’t the only feature that won the Copeland System Pro gold. The unit only requires one braze joint, which helps preserve the integrity of the entire unit, protecting it from potential contaminants that can result from onsite brazing.

Saving time and money during installation and set up are the primary benefits to contractors choosing this unit.

“This should be a time saver,” noted one contractor judge. “Saving time saves the customer money, and that should be well received by everybody.”

SILVER: Tecumseh Products Co.’s Vector Series Modular Refrigeration System (MRS) is a multicell packaged rack style refrigeration system that contains up to 10 individual refrigeration systems with a single common electrical supply.


Tecumseh Products Co.’s Vector Series Modular Refrigeration System (MRS) is a multicell packaged rack style refrigeration system that contains one to 10 individual refrigeration systems with a single common electrical supply. This single common supply allows each cell to address multiple applications and refrigerant types to meet customers' cooling, refrigeration, and heating needs. Each individual cell is custom-designed and the MRS can be installed indoors or outdoors providing contractors convenient, nonintrusive installation, maintenance, and service locations.

Because the MRS is custom designed to the customer’s exact requirements, there isn’t a primary standard application for the unit. A typical use of the product, however, would be in a convenience store, fast food restaurant, or specialty shop. The MRS can be configured to provide one cell for a large icemaker application, three cells for multiple walk-in cooler applications, one cell for modulated building air conditioning, and one cell for a merchandise case.

“This modular concept is commendable,” noted one judge. “The external liquid and suction line braze connections are great. It’s a nice system, truly a time and labor saver.”

Other features make the MRS easier for contractors to install and service. It has built-in forklifting access points and crane lifting eyes. All of the cells are connected to a central service panel containing all of the electrical components. This provides a single electrical connection to the entire unit.

BRONZE: The Hoshizaki Serenity Series Cuber features CycleSaver®, an EverCheck® control board, and a removable water tank.


The Hoshizaki America Inc. Serenity Series Cuber self-cleaning, ice machine utilizes a remote condenser and compressor to produce up to 1,126 pounds of ice every 24 hours.

According to the company, the icemaker is 75 percent quieter than traditional remote units. Protected by HoshiGuard antimicrobial agent within the ice-making zone, Serenity’s space saving design makes it ideal for an “Ice on Beverage” application (installation on top of a beverage dispenser).

Its removable water tank design results in a smaller ice machine and permits service technicians easier access to the beverage dispenser or storage bin for cleaning.

“This is a great product,” said one contractor judge. “Better than most ice machines I have seen or worked on.”

Serenity also features CycleSaver® and an EverCheck® control board. The CycleSaver allows for the same amount of ice quantity production in half the cycles. This means less wear and tear on the refrigeration and electrical components. The EverCheck control board has an audible alarm and diagnostic features designed to assist technician diagnosis ease and accuracy. The alarm is a series of coded beeps that alert technicians to specific problems.

“Control board features and self-cleaning should speed service and maintenance,” remarked one judge. “This is a good ice machine.”


Copeland® SystemPro™ Condensing Unit

Tecumseh Products Co.
Vector Series Modular Refrigeration Systems

Hoshizaki America Inc.
Serenity Series Cuber

Publication date:07/16/2007