CARY, N.C. - The North Carolina General Assembly has signed an agreement with SolarH2Ot Ltd. to install a solar water heating system on the roof of the legislative office building in downtown Raleigh, N.C. SolarH2Ot will partner with Evergreen Energy to install the system that will be designed to deliver over 10 MW of energy over the course of the year and supply most of the hot water needs for the legislature’s primary office building. The North Carolina Solar Center worked with the General Assembly to select the solar water heating system.

“Receiving the contract for this job was quite a thrill. This is a very high profile installation that the General Assembly will use as a showpiece for the tens of thousands of people that tour the General Assembly every year. We appreciate the trust that they have placed in us handling their showcase installation,” said Jeanette Gretsch, president of SolarH2Ot.

Founded in 2005, SolarH2Ot manufactures and distributes a full line of solar thermal products. For more information, visit

Publication date:09/03/2007