The LA (Low Acid) Series of lubricants is designed for use with fins, tubes, and other components used in the heat exchange sector. The series is formulated to significantly reduce the formation of acids and can help control or eliminate the occurrence of formicary corrosion. The fluids are designed to bend and expand copper tubing, generate a low level of acetate/formate, and are available for various fin configurations. LA fin lubricants, such as DRAW 50-5LA and DRAW 545LA, offer technically enhanced performance for a variety of fin configurations on aluminum or copper stock, do not stain most alloys under normal operating conditions, and are available in custom formulas. LA tube bending lubricants such as 1105LA are synthetic formulations that enhance copper bending and tube expanding applications. They are miscible in R-134a and R-410A and compatible with most aluminum alloys.

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