COLUMBUS, Ohio - SMobile Systems, developer of security solutions for mobile devices, has announced that, a leading mobile field service management software for small- and medium-sized businesses, will add SMobile's mobile security software to its customer service solutions for the field service industry, to help ensure that the sensitive data stored on mobile devices for each job are protected from unauthorized access.

"Our customers trust their mobile devices with every detail of their services - including work orders, dispatch requests, inventory details, invoices, and more. Because any outside access to this private and confidential client information could have serious consequences, our customers have expressed a growing concern not only for intrusions and hackings, but for lost and stolen devices as well," said Gary Rawding, president of "SMobile's proven, ironclad security software protects us on all fronts - so we can ensure peace of mind by protecting pertinent customer information, and ensuring that data is safe, even if it gets into the wrong hands."'s solutions are used by field service companies across a range of industries, including HVAC and plumbing. SMobile's security offering will deliver three levels of protection, which customers can select and customize based on specific needs:

• SMobile Security Shield, the company's flagship mobile security software suite, provides a layer of security for both the mobile device and the company network, offering firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spam functionality.

• The SMobile Systems Console enables centralized management and protection of all field devices and networks, including an encryption capability for data and applications. The Systems Console also includes a unique, remote "Lock & Wipe" feature that can be used to completely shut down a device and clear all memory and storage in the event that it is hacked, lost, or stolen.

• The SMobile Policy Manager controls and monitors inbound and outbound access to block and delete unauthorized content and images. The Policy Manager also includes a full backup-and-restore capability to quickly activate new devices, or reactivate recovered ones.

"The mobile field service workforce is more than 25 million strong, all using devices with significant memory, storage, and processing capabilities to carry and transmit highly confidential and proprietary information on a daily basis," said Neil Book, president of SMobile Systems. "The combination of and SMobile Systems allows these workers to significantly increase productivity and efficiency in the field, while working within a completely secure, protected mobile environment."

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Publication date:07/09/2007