At the push of a button, the PD 40 and 42 laser range meters can measure distances of 2 inches to 650 feet. They are accurate to ±1/25 of an inch. The laser range meters also simplify the measurement of hard-to-reach places, areas, and volumes, including at longer distances or in vertical applications. The optional extension stick makes measuring even more comfortable and stable to get the most accurate readings out of the laser range meter, says the company. The PD 40 and 42 can add and subtract distances, as well as areas and volumes. They have new optics and signal processing. The built-in optical sight is a targeting aid that can be used in bright outdoor conditions where the laser dot is difficult to see. The PD 42 stores the last 30 distance measurements or the last five function results. The range meter features area (square footage), volume (cubic feet), minimum/maximum, painter’s area, sets out distances, timer function, and Pythagorean functions, as well as a vertical and horizontal bubble level and a side measuring key.

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