ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has expanded its schedule of live online training.

Contractors and other experts on topics chosen by ACCA’s members teach these 90-minute webinars. Participation in each webinar requires access to both the Internet and a phone line. The sessions are interactive, allowing participants to ask questions of the presenters and provide real-time feedback.

Access to the webinars is on a per-login basis. With a speakerphone and a computer projector, contractors can involve multiple employees in the training for one registration fee.

“We launched the webinar program this spring and it has been successful beyond our expectations,” said Paul Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. “Contractors all over the country are taking advantage of these unique sessions to train their key staff on vital management and technical topics - in the comfort of their own office.”

“The format worked great and we were able to have several key employees involved at very nominal expense,” said webinar attendee Richard Justice of ESCO Mechanical, Utah. “We particularly liked the ability to ask a question and get a live response almost immediately. It was just like being in the room with the presenter.”

Updated course listings and registration are available online. For more information, visit

Publication date:08/13/2007