COMPANY:Trade Mechanical Contractors Inc., Oklahoma City

INSTALLATION:Dectron Dry-O-Tron® RS-122 package heat recovery dehumidifiers

COMPLETION:Immediately available

CUSTOMER:Earlywine Park YMCA

OBJECTIVE:Design and install an HVAC natatorium system without overhead ductwork.

DESCRIPTION:Instead of perimeter or underdeck supply air, Lonnie Courtright, vice president of property management, YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City, designed a natatorium system that features eight 2-by 3-foot, four-way adjustable diffusers in one of four walls blowing inward toward the surfaces of the two pools. The Earlywine Park natatorium return-air grille system, however, consists of linear vents at deck level on three of four walls, collecting chloramines without increasing evaporative rates or creating a cold draft.

“There is no chlorine smell in the pool area or in other parts of the building,” said Wayne Brodt, vice president of Wynn Construction Inc., Oklahoma City, the project’s general contractor.

Other priorities were to provide comfortable humidity levels, while simultaneously reducing pool water heating costs. These were accomplished with the specification of two Dry-O-Tron® RS-122 package heat recovery dehumidifiers from Dectron. Each 12,500-cfm unit recovers heat to provide nearly 100 percent of the pool water heating demand, while at the same time providing space heating and cooling tasks.

Publication date:07/16/2007