In light of the recent buzz about efficiency and environmental friendliness, many homeowners are in search of heating and cooling solutions that will not only save the environment, but will also save their pocketbooks. This year,The NEWS’fourth annual Dealer Design Awards’ HVAC Residential Equipment category winners offer homeowners the potential of achieving their savings goals and contractors the ability to sell and service home comfort confidently. Goodman Manufacturing Co.’s Goodman® GMH95 took gold, highlighting its flip of the switch convertibility. Hallowell International’s All Climate Heat Pump (ACHP) received silver for its ability to function without supplemental heat. Rheem Manufacturing Co.’s Dual Fuel Residential/Light Commercial Package Unit garnered bronze with its hybrid heating system.

GOLD: Goodman’s® GMH95 convertible technology allows the installer to activate either single- or two-stage operation with the flip of a dipswitch.


Goodman Manufacturing Co.’s Goodman® GMH95 is a 95 percent AFUE, two-stage convertible, multispeed gas furnace. It features a patented aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger with a silicon nitride hot surface ignition system. Its convertible technology allows the installer to activate either single- or two-stage operation with the flip of a dipswitch.

“The dipswitch to change to the second stage sounds good to me,” noted one of the contractor judges. Covered by a lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty, a 10-year unit replacement heat exchanger limited warranty, and a 10-year parts limited warranty on all functional parts; the unit is designed for residential or light commercial applications. It can be installed in upflow and horizontal left or right. The dual-certified status allows for sealed combustion direct vent (2-pipe) or nondirect vent (1-pipe) applications.

“It appears to be well designed,” commented one contractor. When two-stage operation is selected, the GMH95 starts on low stage and runs primarily in that setting. If the thermostat is not satisfied after a predetermined period of time, the furnace shifts to high-stage operation.

Purchased as a single-stage product, contractors don’t convert the unit to two-stage until installation. This feature helps reduce large equipment inventories. The self-adjusting operation also lessens the amount of time necessary for installation and can help reduce callbacks associated with manually adjusting a furnace’s duty cycle.

SILVER: The All Climate Heat Pump (ACHP) by Hallowell International is capable of using only 4.8 kW of resistance heat to supplement the vapor cycle.


The All Climate Heat Pump (ACHP), Hallowell International’s airsource heat pump, utilizes patented Opti-Cycle Technology™. Due to the high Btu output of the ACHP, supplemental heat from fossil fuels is not necessary to maintain a building load, even at outdoor temperatures as low as –30°F. This residential split system is installed just like a standard heat pump, and it does not require large amounts of resistance heat. It is capable of using only 4.8 kW of resistance heat to supplement the vapor cycle. According to the manufacturer, however, supplemental heat is rarely needed with the ACHP.

“Wow, the parts are off the shelf, it’s built in the U.S.A., and no electric backup heat needed,” remarked a contractor judge. “What a great idea.”

The ACHP monitors thermostat set points as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures to determine the most efficient and effective mode of operation. It doesn’t require a gas or oil burning module and those associated controls.

Designed with contractors in mind, the ACHP’s wiring harness is neatly contained as it runs through the unit. This gives the contractor an unobstructed view and access to all of the system’s components. Familiar installation is another key benefit offered to contractors. The unit comes from the factory charged with nitrogen and it utilizes standard 3/8-inch and 7/8-inch line sets.

ACHP is equipped with the multistage logic control board. These built-in diagnostics help contractors reduce nuisance calls and enhances a field technician’s ability to quickly and accurately troubleshoot the system.

BRONZE: Rheem Manufacturing Co.’s Dual Fuel Residential/Light Commercial Package Unit is a hybrid heating system that provides 14 SEER and 8.0 HSPF.


Rheem Manufacturing Co.’s RQPW Dual Fuel R-410A Residential/Light Commercial Pack-age Unit is a package heat pump with a gas furnace installed in the heat section. This hybrid heating system provides 14 SEER and 8.0 HSPF. It achieves 80 percent AFUE and comes standard with a stainless steel heat exchanger. The dual-fuel package heat pump can be applied in both residential and light commercial applications. Its convertible airflow design allows it to function in a horizontal duct configuration on a slab or in a downflow duct configuration in a roof curb application.

“I like the dual fuel, I’m a big fan of it,” said one judge. “I also like the louvered cabinets.”

The louvered condenser compartment protects the coil against yard hazards and weather extremes. A one-piece top with a deep flange provides water management. Supply and return air openings feature a 1-inch flange to prevent water migration into the ductwork.

In the heat pump mode, the model utilizes demand defrost control that monitors the outdoor ambient temperature, outdoor coil temperature, and compressor runtime to determine when a defrost cycle is required. A reversing valve directs flow of refrigerant and reverses the refrigerant flow when heating is required.

According to the company, serviceability features include an easy access slide-out blower section, convenient refrigerant connection locations, an easy access control box, and an internal trap on the condensate line that eliminates the need for an onsite external trap. Contractors can also take advantage of external gauge ports during service calls.


Goodman Manufacturing Co. LP
Dual Saver Convertible 95 percent Gas Furnace

Hallowell International
All Climate Heat Pump

Rheem Manufacturing Co.
Rheem RQPW Dual Fuel R-410A
Residential/Light Commercial Package Unit

Skymark International
Eco-Pak Vertical PTAC

Publication date:07/16/2007