BOTHELL, Wash. - The Washington State HVACR Association (WSHVACRA), formed during March 2006 for the purpose of representing the key interests and concerns of Washington State’s HVACR contractors, recently celebrated a legislative victory over what the group termed as “significant odds.”

Karen Peacey, WSHVACRA president, said, “During a time in when small business interests are so often kicked to the curb legislatively, it’s indeed refreshing to know that with diligence, focus, good reason, and follow-through, legislators do still listen.”

She said this on the heels of what she called an “often tumultuous period of three years in which special interest groups have prepared to bring forth massive new regulatory legislation. “WSHVACRA knew, since its organization’s founding just a year ago, that it had a very substantial undertaking in its hands, with its mission to bring about sensible regulatory resolve while not hamstringing the majority of Washington’s small HVACR contractors.”

After a Legislative Committee Public Hearings process, followed by a three-week, legislatively supervised, negotiations effort carried out between WSHVACRA and three affected industry unions and their four directly affiliated construction industry groups, WSHVACRA could not reach “reasonable regulatory resolve.” Negotiations then concluded without arriving at a consensus solution between all affected parties.

Peacey said, “Through great diligence and massive combined efforts, House Bill 1876, sponsored by the three unions and the four construction industry groups, failed to be scheduled for a vote before the full Senate prior to the April 13 deadline. This important Legislative Session date represented the last day for Senate passage of House Bills that were introduced during Washington’s 2007 legislative session.”

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Publication date:06/18/2007