The vEM-14 is a compact, network-enabled device that combines environmental monitoring with power management to deliver a comprehensive view of conditions within a rack or small data center. The device is equipped with four sensor inputs, a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, 10 dry-contact points (for door switches, clogged filter alarms, and generator alarms), and two serial ports (for power strips). In addition to real-time monitoring from any Web browser, the system supports automatic paging or e-mail notification based on up to four levels of alarms: high critical, high warning, low warning, and low critical. Working with MP advanced power strips, the system can trigger alerts for strip power, voltage, and current. It also enables control of individual receptacles for “on,” “off,” and “reboot” status for power strips that have that capability. The vEM-14 can send data for analysis to the manufacturer’s Nform monitoring software or to network management systems using SNMP traps. The compact size of the device allows flexible deployment in 1U of rack space, on a wall or a desktop.

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