CONYERS, Ga. - Hill Phoenix Inc., a Dover Co., published its first sustainability report. According to the company, the report demonstrates the company’s commitment to lead the industry with meaningful sustainability initiatives by describing specifically what the company is doing to affect the products they provide to supermarket operators.

“This report reflects the extent to which Hill Phoenix is committed to the implementation of sustainable initiatives,” said Ray Hoglund, president and CEO, Hill Phoenix. “As we continue to focus on operational excellence, we do so mindful of the limits set by our planet.”

In the report, the company outlines the Sustainable Environment Management System (SEMS) they designed as a mechanism for implementing what will be a company-wide program. Developed and implemented throughout the Refrigeration Systems Division in 2006, the SEMS allows Hill Phoenix to control, or at least influence, every aspect of the environment in which it operates.

According to the report, SEMS performance in 2006 reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 23 percent, reduced volatile organic compound emissions by 78 percent, reduced metal consumption by 28 percent, provided 55 percent reduction in wasted wood products, increased cardboard recycling by 18 percent, created a 43 percent reduction in scrap metal, and yielded an overall reduction in energy consumption. This reduction includes a 29 percent decrease in electricity usage, 50 percent decrease in natural gas usage, and 26 percentage decrease in propane usage. The injuries per hours worked decreased by 50 percent and training hours per employee increased 39 percent.

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Publication date:10/08/2007