ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies has published an application engineering bulletin for refrigerant retrofits. This bulletin,Refrigerant Changeover Guidelines – HCFC R-22 to HFC R-422A/D, is for Copeland Discus™ compressors and is part of Emerson Climate Technologies’ ongoing stewardship campaign to promote environmentally responsible refrigerant solutions. It addresses the industry’s concern and need for retrofit considerations, suggestions, and procedures.

“Our company is committed to helping the industry through these regulatory transitions. As a result, we are reaching out to our customers to make sure that they are equipped with the necessary guidelines for refrigerant retrofits and changeovers,” said Rajan Rajendran, director, application engineering, Emerson Climate Technologies refrigeration division. “By continuing to provide this helpful information, we can make these refrigerant transitions much easier for our contractors.”

The bulletin is intended to provide contractors with detailed considerations and procedures for retrofitting Copeland Discus compressors to work with newer, environmentally friendly refrigerants. It takes the contractor through the changeover procedure step by step, calling out all individual actions to be taken, ranging from leak testing to labeling system components. The bulletin also notes special considerations that contractors should take into account before beginning the retrofit process. These include preparatory measures and precautions, additional replacement requirements, and a listing of items that the contractors should have before starting the changeover.

Another key piece to this bulletin is the inclusion of HFC R-422A and R-422D saturated vapor/liquid pressure/temperature charts. These charts will help contractors compare their testing numbers to industry standards and norms.

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Publication date:07/23/2007