TORONTO - TNS Canadian Facts (TNS), a marketing and social research firm, has released the results of a new study reporting that one-third of the Canadian population view the environment and global warming as the most important issue affecting the world today. Ninety-one percent of the 1,016 nationally representative Canadian adults interviewed by telephone consider global warming a serious issue and 89 percent support immediate action. The study also reported that more than eight in 10 are convinced that global warming has been scientifically proven.

Although the public seems well aware of the issue, the study reports that 72 percent of Canadians think the federal government and 70 percent think the provincial governments are not doing enough to tackle global warming.

The study noted that 32 percent view municipalities as more likely to be viewed as taking the right amount of action. Even at this level, however, 59 percent of Canadians would like to see more action through eco-friendly programs and policies.

The study also shows that, in general, Canadians are most willing to do the relatively easy and cost-free activities to reduce their environmental footprint. The top three actions that Canadians are most likely to take to help the environment are recycling, purchasing appliances that are energy efficient, and replacing traditional light bulbs with environmentally-friendly ones.

Publication date:09/17/2007