Do you ever feel like you don’t have the time to attend all the training and product introduction meetings that you would like to? Emerson Climate Technologies is bringing its resources closer to HVAC contractors across the country through its distribution network.

Emerson Contractor Support Teams have been formed to provide product information, education, training, and support to contractors on a one-on-one level, according to Ken Perkins, director of the contractor support team with the Emerson Climate Technologies White-Rodgers division.

A team of representatives working in local markets around the United States “are dedicated to interacting with contractors on an individual basis to better understand the contractor’s business, provide product information and demonstrations, and educate contractors on the breadth of support offered by Emerson Climate Technologies, further helping contractors to grow their businesses,” Perkins said.


Two things led to the development of the program, Perkins said. “Overall, Emerson’s direction is to establish relationships with end users of products and get to the people who are actually installing the products, so that they know the benefits of our products and services.”

The program is being channeled largely through the company’s distribution network. In fact, some of the inspiration for the program came from a distributor advisory meeting about creating more demand for product.

“We have no intention to sell directly to their customer base,” said Perkins.

According to Perkins, Emerson’s Distribution Services division started focusing more on the contractor on the refrigeration side a few years ago. His group’s focus is more on the HVAC side of the business, to generate more pull-through sales for distribution customers, and to provide valuable information to contractors and technicians. The overall initiative is an extension of Emerson’s contractor marketing and support program that they began in 2001.

“Looking forward, a major initiative we’ll be discussing with the contractors is the transition away from R-22 and what we’re doing to help them through that transition,” he said.

“It benefits us by having them look to us, become more important in their eyes, and be their voice in the industry.”


In addition to the group focused on the distribution network, Emerson is adding a separate group to call on contractors to create more demand for product that is moved through distributors.

Contractor support representatives reach out to contractors in distinct territories, providing product information, training, support for the local wholesalers, information on how to get more in-depth training through the manufacturer’s Educational Services division, and education on the company’s products and services.

“Contractors receive value by having a dedicated resource to help them quickly solve problems, make informed recommendations, answer product questions, and help them to stay on the job,” Perkins said.

“We’ve got a great team in place,” he continued. “Right now there are 11 people working on a contractor support team and we expect that to grow over time. We don’t talk about them being ‘sales’ because they are not out there chasing orders.”

Emerson Climate Technologies products that will be supported include the full gamut of Copeland brand compressors, White-Rodgers thermostats and other products, valves, controls, motors, and more.

Technical questions will definitely be on the agenda. “We want to be the resource when a contractor is having an issue out in the field, to help them get through a potential problem and point them in the right direction,” Perkins said.

The benefits are multifold, he said. “It will be an avenue to be updated on products from four Emerson divisions, training on existing and new products, and education on events and trends in the industry.”

For the distributor, “It will create more demand for your product.”

The goal is to create support, industry stewardship, and product awareness, while continuing to work through the distribution organization, Perkins said.

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Publication Date:10/15/2007