SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Air Conditioning Trade Association (ACTA) has announced the launch of its new Website, Eric Stephens, an independent IT and Web design evaluator, said of the new site, “It provides credible, original content in many different forms making it valuable and timely to the HVAC industry. Because the Web is an interactive, dynamic, and rapidly changing new communications medium, ACTA took the time and made the necessary investment to create a well-organized, edited, and timely Website with original content set in an attractive, interactive, and consistent format.”

Logging into the Website, users will find a quick index on the left of the home page listing Online Campus, Training, ACTAcare, ACTAvision, Compliance, Safety, Job Center, Free Webinars, About Us, and a Contact Us page. The new site is ACTA’s portal for contractors, apprentices, and trainees.

Clicking on one of the links brings up content and a voice-over to welcome the visitor and give a quick overview. At the top of the page are tabs. The first tab lists “ACTA Community.” This tab takes the visitor to a virtual community of HVAC contractor peers, tools, resources, and information designed to help the HVAC contractor compete, manage decisions, and stay compliant with the state.

Publication date:08/06/2007