According to, many HVAC companies can have hundreds if not thousands of dollars in excess inventory, some of which may have been sitting in a warehouse or shop waiting to be used for years. The site has been created to be an online answer to help turn a contracting company’s excess inventory into cash flow. knows that in most cases a company has been awarded its contracts based on the fact that it is the low bidder. By linking together the excess inventory of various companies in a city, county, state, and nationwide network, this service provides the equipment and/or materials at a substantial discount. In most cases items offered on this site are new or in like-new condition, most items have been over-ordered, ordered incorrectly, or unused as a result of changes to the project.

Unlike other major auction-type sites, this site encourages specific pricing so contractors can negotiate and get the items they want when they need them.

This site is not offered to the general public, so all calls will be by other owners and managers of companies only. does this to maintain its industries’ pricing secrets and so as not to inundate owners or managers with calls from the general public.

Postings on this site have no time limit as long as a yearly membership is maintained. Along with this feature, as of now if contractors wish to only search the site and buy items, the “buy only” package is free.

If a contractor wants to sell items on the Website, it is free for the first three months of service. Owners and managers can post as many items as they like and search the Website’s database for items as much as they like. The only charge is for a yearly subscription.

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Publication date:12/18/2006