The Munchkin Contender wall-hung, ultra-high-efficiency condensing boiler is designed for residential space heating applications. The Energy Star®-rated unit has an efficiency of 93 percent AFUE. The direct-vent, sealed-combustion unit offers a unitary construction that consolidates a high-grade stainless steel condensing heat exchanger, back flue, and water manifold into a single assembly. A lightweight, dent-resistant plastic cabinet encases the unit. All mechanical connections are located at the bottom for easier installation and aesthetics. The fully modulating, ultra-low NOx burner is load matching, so that limits firing to current demand. The boiler requires no chimney or other special venting provisions; venting can be done through a sidewall or a roof with 2-inch Schedule 40 PVC up to 85 feet (intake and exhaust piping combined). Available in four models, the units have high-fire inputs of 50,000-120,000 Btuh. The boiler can be coupled with the SuperStor indirect water heater to provide domestic hot water.

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Publication date:12/04/2006