The Pipe Prop adjustable drainage system is a versatile pipe support. It elevates and secures all types of pipe and is sold in quantities of 12. It is available with either 1-1/2-inch (Model APS-1) or 2-1/2-inch (Model APS-2) saddles to accommodate varying pipe sizes. At a 3-1/2-inch height, the unit withstands loads ranging from 8,192 pounds at 0°F to 5,035 pounds at 140°. The two-part unit, which includes a base and a saddle, is affixed to the roof using adhesive recommended by the roofing manufacturer, making the base virtually immovable and forming a solid foundation for pipe support needs. The lightweight units take minutes to mount and secure and are durable in all kinds of weather. For installation, materials needed include Pipe Prop supports, Schedule 40 PVC electrical conduit, PVC glue, and PVC pipe cutters.

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