TheFiltering Out Confusionseries of educational pamphlets is designed to help HVAC and facilities management professionals better understand how to get the most out of an HVAC air filtration system.IAQ and Employee Productivity: A Guide to Understanding the Real Costs of Poor Indoor Air Qualitydiscusses the health effects of poor IAQ and the role of air filtration in achieving good IAQ.Energy Efficiency: A Guide to Reducing HVAC Energy Costsexplains the role that air filters play in the energy used by HVAC systems and offers recommendations for reducing energy costs by applying filter lifecycle costs to the filter selection process.Green Buildings: A Guide to Understanding the Role of HVAC in LEED® Certificationfocuses on two main tenets of Green Building programs, and describes how an HVAC air filtration system affects both.Panels to Pleats: A Guide to Upgrading Your Filtration Systemreviews problems associated with panel filters and explains how these problems can be overcome by upgrading to pleated filters.

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