DALLAS - TAC Com-Trol has fully integrated its family of Crysalis™ solutions with Square D’s PowerLogic® power monitoring and control products. PowerLogic energy and power management systems add a layer of intelligence across all of a facility’s energy assets, helping users to accurately meter and manage all electrical and piped utilities. PowerLogic systems contain a tightly integrated network of software and meters and can span a single facility, a multisite organization or a global enterprise.

PowerLogic monitors key points and equipment 24 hours a day, delivering timely, relevant information for monitoring and control. Advanced analytic tools and coordinated control capabilities enable users to quickly make and implement operations decisions.

Crysalis products bring TAC Com-Trol’s line of commercial refrigeration controllers and equipment together with TAC’s line of HVAC control solutions. According to the company, the Crysalis Enterprise Server unites these products to create a simple, cost-efficient, and completely scalable system to meet a wide variety of supermarket and retail control requirements. Based on the latest Web-enabled technology, the CES includes a comprehensive set of features and functions to provide a powerful network environment. All products in the Crysalis family are backward-compatible to protect the investment of Crysalis customers.

For more information, visit www.tac.com.

Publication date:10/08/2007