ATLANTA - Making its products and services more user friendly for HVACR contractors and design-build firms is the goal of a new American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) task group. ASHRAE is now seeking contractor and design-build firm members for this group.

“Our goal is to provide new and timely educational materials that will fit the need of HVACR contractors and design-build firms, and to make ASHRAE’s existing technical information more user friendly for them,” said Jim Fields, chair of the group. “A more active involvement of these disciplines within ASHRAE at the technical level would lead to a better balanced ASHRAE and help to strengthen the level of understanding between design engineers and these other disciplines.”

He noted that given ASHRAE’s focus on sustainability, reaching out to contractors and design-build firms was a natural step.

“We must work together to ensure sustainability,” he said. “Successful green buildings are the result of a team effort - owners, designers, contractors, and facility managers that work together to produce and maintain facilities that are energy efficient, have healthy environments, provide comfort and safety to occupants while minimizing the impact on natural resources.”

Those interested in joining TG3.HVAC Contractors and Design Build Firms can e-mail for more information.

Publication date:03/19/2007