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ADVERTISER: Heat Controller
The Source … for residential and light commercial heating and A/C equipment

Size, placement, and color certainly contributed to the effectiveness of this ad from Heat Controller Inc.

“We have been running a campaign of the two-column, full-page height, bleed ads for a couple of years, and they have been successful in attracting readers’ attention - and inquiries,” explained Leeanne Perkins, national advertising manager for Heat Controller.

“We’re pleased that the campaign has enough freshness after all this time that one in the series was named a top ad for 2006.”

Perkins noted that an intense color, like the blue background, “really jumps off a white page, while also showing off the product photographs.”

“Contractors like to see what equipment looks like, and our color photos were placed to lead readers through the ad to the brief bullet points before the signature. The angle of the PTAC photo and the unexpectedness of having it bleed off the page were also designed to pull readers into the advertisement.”

In her opinion, an effective advertisement allows the reader to skim the ad and take away the general idea.

“We all know there’s not enough time to read everything, every week,” said Perkins.

“The color scheme for copy was designed to help the reader quickly focus on the main points. Even if contractors only had time to glance at the ad, they would come away with an impression of the wide range of our company’s product offerings.”

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Publication date:12/11/2006