WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that it will issue a solicitation in June offering up to $10 billion in loan guarantees for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and electric transmission projects.

The $10 billion will be part of a larger $38.5 billion loan guarantee package that will support a variety of energy technologies. Selection criteria for the clean energy projects will focus on the avoidance of emissions of greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants; the speed at which technologies can be commercialized; the cost-saving potential for consumers; the prospect of loan repayment; and the potential for long-lasting success of these technologies in the marketplace. To support the launch of the solicitations in June, DOE has also published an implementation plan for its Loan Guarantee Program.

For more information, visit the Loan Guarantee Program Website at www.lgprogram.energy.gov.

Publication date:05/12/2008