Z Gard controllers work with Z Gard S sensors to monitor a wide range of applications. The controllers include features such as relays, display, audible alarm, zoning, and voting. The C 485 controller manages the remote sensor on a four-wire digital RS-485 serial communication protocol. Models are available that can accept inputs from up to eight, 16, or 24 Z Gard S sensors. The Z Gard C controller can accept either 4-20 mA or RS-485 input from the sensors. Single- and four-point controllers feature an easy-to-read display, relay outputs, and an audible alarm. The eight-point version features a keypad user interface on the front panel, which is used to control many of the unit's output functions. Up to 40 remote gas sensors are connected via RS-485 serial communication ports managed by the Z Gard CX controller network. Features of the controller include auto-recognition of sensors, auto-recognition of failed communication, and password protection.

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eProduct 187

Publication date: 11/27/2006