INDIANAPOLIS - Carrier Corp. announced that it is sponsoring the 2007 NextGen Home, which showcases the latest advancements in HVAC systems, at the 2007 International Builder's Show. Carrier will feature in the home its new EDGE™ thermostat, Infinity™ Hybrid Heat™ system, Infinity air purifier, and automatic home standby power generator.

The International Builder's Show takes place Feb. 7-10, 2007, in Orlando, Fla.

"The next generation of consumers is increasingly interested in personalizing their home appliances while remaining focused on cost savings and indoor air quality," said Mike Branson, brand manager, Carrier Residential and Light Commercial Systems. "Willis Carrier was a next generation thinker, and 104 years later, we continue our dedication to offering the most advanced products for not only today's consumer but also tomorrow's."

Launching in late spring 2007, Carrier's EDGE thermostat line will make its first public appearance at this year's International Builder's Show. EDGE features interchangeable faceplates to match the homeowner's furnishings, while applying advanced technology with the patented EXP (Edge Xpansion Port) card to program the thermostat from a computer. For homeowners wanting direct control versus programming comfort schedules, the Touch N' Go option offers three simple buttons (Home, Away, Sleep) to achieve a balance between energy savings and comfort.

Carrier's Infinity Hybrid Heat system is a fuel-saving alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems. It combines an Infinity 96 furnace and Infinity 19 Series electric heat pump, rather than an air conditioner. Unlike traditional dual-fuel systems, the Hybrid Heat system is considered a smart system. Depending on the outdoor temperature, this system is designed to switch automatically from one fuel source to another, maximizing operating efficiency while running at the lowest cost possible. As gas and electricity costs fluctuate over the years, the Hybrid Heat system allows homeowners to choose which fuel source to heat with based on current prices.

Since indoor air quality is a concern for consumers, Carrier's Infinity air purifier provides a solution to poor IAQ. Unlike products that merely capture particles from the air, its exclusive advanced technology is designed to both capture and kill airborne allergens, bacteria, molds, and viruses.

Carrier also will display its automatic home standby generator and carbon monoxide alarm in the NextGen Home. The automatic home standby power generator is designed to provide reliable emergency backup power for homeowners. Within 30 seconds of power loss, natural gas or liquid propane restores power for up to 12 circuits in the home. The carbon monoxide alarm, with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, uses sophisticated electronics and sensor technology to detect and record the levels of CO circulating in the air. The homeowner is protected during power outages and is never required to change a battery.

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Publication date:01/29/2007