DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Masco Contractor Services (MCS) and General Electric (GE) announced that they are planning to integrate GE's ecomagination and the Environments For Living® program sponsored by MCS into a new program designed to help homebuilders construct state-of-the-art, energy efficient, and environmentally-friendly homes. According to the companies, the program combines GE's high-performance products and MCS' advanced principles of building science into an upgrade package for builders.

Donald J. DeMarie Jr., president and CEO of MCS, said, "This collaboration provides builders with a powerful program to assist them in building and marketing homes that address today's fast-evolving, green consumer values like energy efficiency and comfort, while protecting the environment and reducing emissions."

The collaboration also expands the benefits available under the Environments For Living program. The program, developed by MCS, consolidates advanced techniques of applied building science and provides tiered levels of certification for energy efficiency for heating and cooling the home that include energy usage and comfort guarantees. In addition, this program establishes requirements for tight construction, improved thermal systems, right-sized HVAC systems, fresh air ventilation, balanced air pressure, internal moisture management, and combustion safety.

"The synergy between the Environments For Living program and GE's residential energy efficiency products offers a true value to homeowners and homebuilders alike," said Michael Ulinski, MCS vice president of sales and marketing. "With GE's ecomagination products and MCS building science technology, builders now have a solution that provides consumers with a simple, integrated upgrade that is an energy efficient and environmentally sound solution."

The collaboration includes an array of GE ecomagination products, including Energy Star appliances, compact fluorescent lighting, and GE Brilliance solar power systems.

"Advanced technology and progressive packaging, like we are announcing, put the power to control energy and water consumption into the hands of the homeowner," said Lorraine Bolsinger, GE corporate vice president of ecomagination. "It's a situation that's right for consumers and plays to our strength in innovative technology and leading edge design."

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Publication date:03/05/2007