ARLINGTON, Va. - North American Technician Excellence (NATE) announced multiple plans for 2007 when it released the theme of its 2007 advertising and public relations campaigns -“The Best - NATE-Certified Professionals.”

In the first quarter, as part of the campaign, four new commercial refrigeration tests will be available, first as beta tests and later as regular tests.

NATE plans to release six new public service announcements, one every other month, and 12 public service audio spots for radio, one each month. There will be new versions of the customizable contractor newsletter available in February, and two-minute television spots will run in late March through April to 83 million MSNBC households. The same spots are intended to be released to hospital and airport in-house networks. These are slated to be the lead-in to the air conditioning season and are intended to implant NATE in consumers’ minds.

NATE is also sponsoring a “Learning about…” segment on HVAC, hosted by Michael Douglas and offered to public television stations in March-April. This segment will show a NATE-certified technician working on a system and at the end the NATE logo and the words “For Consumer Contractor Contact information, go to”

Publication date:01/22/2007