Four higher-capacity units have been added to the LTS Series infrared tube heater line. Available in both natural and propane gas units, the LTS Series straight tube heaters now come in 19 models and in more than 100 configurations, with capacity ranges of 40,000-250,000 Btuh. Heaters can be used in straight, L-shape, U-shape, or Z-shape configurations. For added flexibility, 90-degree elbows and corner reflectors allow mounting near walls, door, or corners. The heaters are certified for both horizontal and vertical venting and can be horizontally mounted for a maximum 75-foot sidewall venting capability. They can be vented, common vented, or indirect vented based on application requirements. Tube lengths vary between 15 and 80 feet, depending on the model. The heaters can be thermostatically controlled individually or in groups. The self-contained draft inducer pulls combustion products through the totally enclosed heavy-duty calorized aluminized steel combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency, greater safety, and a more uniform tube operating temperature.

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