A line of positive-pressure, low-intensity infrared tube heaters has a patent-pending Tube Integrity Safety System™ (TISS), which provides additional safety for building owners. Available in both natural and propane gas, the PTS/PTU series tube heaters use positive pressure to push products of combustion through the heavy-duty calorized aluminized or alumatherm steel combustion chamber. The heaters come with a choice of one-stage or two-stage input controls for added flexibility and a totally enclosed burner box that places all the power, thermostat, and gas connections in one central location for easier installation and maintenance. CSA-certified, the tube heaters are available in eight models and over 100 different configurations. Capacities for the series range from 40,000-200,000 Btuh. The PTU Series is designed for use mainly in high heat loss areas and for spot heating, while the PTS Series is designed for use in general building heating applications.

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