ALBANY, N.Y. - The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced $6,422,450 in funding to support seven combined heat and power (CHP) projects throughout the state. The projects will cogenerate 38,475 kW of electricity and heat and are sited at three universities, a suburban office building, a large city hotel, a municipal wastewater treatment plant, and an urban condominium.

“On-site electric generation, featuring the use of resultant process heat, increases energy efficiency, provides energy surety to owners, relieves congestion on the power grid, and benefits the state’s environment and economy. It is now feasible for many larger commercial utility customers, and we have funding available to promote its use,” said Peter R, Smith, NYSERDA president and CEO.

These projects, co-funded through NYSERDA’s New York Energy $martSMProgram, range in size from a huge 30,000 kW central power plant project at Cornell University, to a 400 kW installation at Schenectady’s wastewater treatment plant, and down to a compact 195 kW unit in a historical structure at Cooper Union.

“The range of potential host sites for this efficient technology has increased significantly. NYSERDA’s competitive solicitation program provides incentives for initial project analysis, installation costs, and hastens long-term payback recovery,” Smith noted.

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Publication date:02/26/2007