The Inverter Phase Check, an electronic indicator, can help contractors troubleshoot when an inverter-controlled a/c unit fails. The unit can pinpoint whether the compressor or inverter is faulty. When using the module, the supply connections are disconnected from the compressor and are connected to the module. When the inverter is switched on, the six lights on the module should light up red, yellow, and blue. If the inverter PCB is faulty, one or more of the lights won’t switch on, indicating the position of the fault. If all lights are on, the PCB is fine and the compressor is at fault. If they are not all on, or one light is significantly dimmer than the rest, then the fault is with one or more of the output transistors on the PCB or with the drive circuitry. A kit of connection leads is available for use with the indicator. Each lead is fitted with insulated 1/4-inch female fastons for connection to the indicator box. The remote ends are fitted with shrouded crocodile clips with a safety finger guard.

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