Room Alert 26W is part of the Room Alert™ hardware line for IT environment and facilities monitoring. This model utilizes wireless technology to have sensors report back their status values to the main monitor via a secure, private protocol that is ZigBee-compatible. This method eliminates common user concerns about the security of wireless products and allows users the ability to monitor large numbers of sensors indoors and out without cables. It monitors conditions such as temperature, humidity, power, flood, and smoke to immediately alert managers and staff, allowing an immediate response and automatic corrective action to avoid or minimize downtime and costly damage. For users that desire logging, sensor data can be logged and exported for creating graphs and charts. Users can connect to nonvoltage (dry) contacts on other devices like a/c units, refrigerators, freezers, alarm systems, generators, and pumps. These switch sensors and devices can be located up to approximately 900 feet away and connect via standard twisted pair wiring. The monitor connects to the network via Ethernet.

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