An Accsense system takes physical  measurements and transmits valuable  information. Remote physical sensors can rapidly and wirelessly process heating and cooling data - effectively meeting ASHRAE standards, tracking airflow data, keeping accurate temperatures, monitoring humidity, etc. According to the company, it can also detect mold-growing conditions before mold ever becomes a biohazardous problem and consistently monitors CO2 levels for optimum IAQ. A complete Accsense wireless system automatically forms a secure, self-healing wireless mesh network with a range as big as 4,000 feet. Sensor Pods are compatible with a range of standard external plug-in sensors and probes, including thermocouples, resistance-temperature detectors, and thermistors. Alarms can be received through text message, e-mail, and voice alerts if any levels go below or above a set point.

Accsense Inc.,  460 Ward Dr., Santa Barbara, CA 93111;  866-670-3500 or 805-681-3500; 805-681-3501 (fax);

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