ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies has announced the strategic alignment of two of its solutions businesses which focus on delivering products and services to the retail, supermarket, convenience store, and restaurant industries. The alignment of Emerson’s Retail Services and Computer Process Controls divisions brings together engineering, field services, and customer support capabilities, to help increase product development and ultimately bring more energy-efficient technologies to the market.

“Providing our customers with advanced technologies that work better together to greatly improve energy efficiency and reliability, while also bringing a single face to the customer, are some of the key initiatives driving Emerson Climate Technologies. This alignment is a natural extension of those initiatives,” said Bill Coulombe, the new president of Emerson Climate Technologies Retail Solutions. “By aligning our engineering capabilities, we will continue to develop innovative, integrated technologies, such as our Intelligent Store™ architecture, that require our engineers to incorporate products and expertise from across Emerson.” Introduced in 2005, Emerson’s Intelligent Store architecture is a group of products and services that can work either independently or together to improve system efficiency, monitor system operations, and help prevent system failures.

“One change that our customers will see as a result of this alignment is a greater synergy of our internal teams, allowing us to more effectively bring the unique benefits of the Intelligent Store architecture to their businesses,” said Matt Lauck, Retail Solutions marketing director. “Customers will continue to see the CPC® and ProAct® names for our products and services.”

Computer Process Controls is a longstanding provider of controls to the supermarket and convenience store industries. Retail Services has been a leader in the development of monitoring and energy services to those industries. With CPC’s 15,000+ installations, Retail Services’ 5,500+ monitored sites, and estimated annual energy savings of over 42 million kWh, the alignment is designed to provide a proven and experienced solutions organization offering engineering and customer support.

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Publication date:03/26/2007