COLUMBUS, Ohio - In an expanded partnership with Behnke & Co., Decatur, Ill., Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) will now provide its members with the opportunity for concrete savings and a longer-term solution to benefits management, according to Don Frendberg, executive vice president and COO, HARDI.

Behnke & Co. is a HARDI partner that helps HARDI members control commercial and property casualty, group health, life, and disability costs. This new service will help HARDI membership with benefit management, design, and administration, which includes medical, prescription, dental, life, and disability coverage.

“This is an effective and easy way to save money for HARDI members while still providing them with the type of coverage they need,” said Cori Guagenti, employee benefit agent, Behnke.

“We have had a good relationship with Behnke for more than five years,” noted Frendberg. “They have been a value service provider and a source of expertise for our members, who have struggled with the complex issues of insurance and benefit-related subjects. I recommend that each HARDI member who is reassessing their benefits package examine the program they offer.”

In addition to this new plan, Behnke also offers information on consumer-directed plans, health reimbursement accounts, and partially self-insured alternatives. HARDI members will receive customized service with the addition of Guagenti, who will work exclusively on the account.

For more information or a preliminary assessment, call 419-358-1211 or e-mail

Publication date:04/23/2007