Re-entering the manufacturing of brazed steel refrigeration service valves market, the company can design, test, and furnish a full line of brazed service valves to OEM specifications. It can also produce the valves and fittings to an OEM’s design drawings and specifications or simple samples or sketches. The manufacturer produces small valves from 3/4-inch Hex body, medium-sized valves from 7/8-inch Hex or square body, the large sizes from 1-1/8-inch square body, extra large from 1-3/8-inch square body, and the jumbo-sized valves from 1-1/2-inch square body. The wide range of sizes is available with flare, sweat, pipe, roto-lock, and pad fittings. There are also multiple types of mountings - base, bracket, angle, union, etc. The company can produce double valves that service the high- and low-pressure sides of a system.

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