LOS ANGELES, CA — AK Steel will donate steel coated with AgION™ antimicrobial compound for City of Hope’s Helford Clinical Research Hospital currently under construction in Duarte, CA. The coated steel will be used in the facility’s air handling ductwork and may have other potential applications such as stainless steel door hardware, push plates, and light switch plates.

According to the manufacturer, AgION antimicrobial compound is a long-lasting, inorganic material that contains silver ions, which are safe and natural antimicrobial agents. The compound has two key components that work together to suppress the growth of microbes, says the company: Silver ions act as the active agent, while zeolite acts as a reservoir, stores the silver ions, and releases them.

When moisture is present, the zeolite acts as an ion pump providing controlled release of silver ions into the environment. This controlled release is said to provide continuous antimicrobial protection.

“City of Hope is a true pioneer in the treatment of life-threatening diseases,” said Richard M. Wardrop, Jr., chairman and chief executive officer of AK Steel. “This new facility will benefit from the added measure of cleanliness provided by AK Steel’s antimicrobial-coated steel. The steel’s ability to inhibit the growth of destructive microbes in air handling ductwork is of particular benefit in a health care environment.”

Publication date: 05/27/2002