TAMPA, FL — BBJ Environmental Solutions, Inc., has announced that its antimicrobial product BBJ MicroBiocide was selected as a Top 10 product by Chelsea Group, Ltd., a consulting firm that specializes in indoor air quality (IAQ).

In determining its selections, the Chelsea Group noted, “Our Top 10 product choices have two things in common: One, they positively impact the indoor environment by either preventing an IAQ problem or helping to remediate it; and two, they set a trend or define a new standard for IAQ products and solutions.”

A building’s hvac system can have a positive or negative impact on the quality of a building’s indoor environment, added the Chelsea Group. “BBJ MicroBiocide … prevents the growth of biological contaminants in air-handling systems, and the spread of the various effects caused by them. Heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems can be both a solution and a cause of indoor microbial contamination. The interiors of these systems provide an especially favorable environment where microbial growth can occur.

“Cooling coils, drain pans, and the fan housing assembly are the most contaminant-prone components of an air-handling unit. BBJ MicroBiocide is easily applied with the use of a compressed air sprayer or fogging device. The solution does not require evacuation of the premises and inhibits the growth of microorganisms up to six months after application.”

Bob Baker, chairman and ceo of BBJ, stated, “We are honored and pleased that the Chelsea Group selected BBJ MicroBiocide in their list of Top 10 product choices. Our corporate mission from day one has been to enhance public health and safety through the control of microbial contamination in indoor environments and provide products and services that are innovative and environmentally responsive solutions to improving indoor air quality.”

Publication date: 05/06/2002