DALLAS - Richard Goldberg of Warm Thoughts Communications, John and Vicki LaPlant of Vital Learning Experiences, and John Morana of MaxEffect Yellow Page Ad Design have been named Service Roundtable "Consult & Coach Partners," the organization announced.

"This is a group of extremely talented people," said Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel. "I'm thrilled to have them associated with the Service Roundtable."

Richard Goldberg's company, Warm Thoughts Communications (www.warmthoughts.com), is a leading HVAC, oil, and propane advertising agency. Much of the work undertaken by his team of 25 marketing professionals involves helping contractors generate high-margin repeat customers, promote service plans, and more effectively use tools like newsletters, direct mail, Web sites, and general advertising.

The business philosophy for Vital Learning Experiences is summed up in the company's "passion statement," which is "Real-World Training that Makes a Difference." The company provides business training and consulting.

According to Vicki LaPlant, "We believe passionately to the core of our being that any person or company who attends our training or works with us in a consulting arrangement will be better for the experience - that we will make a difference for the company and the people in it. And if for any reason they don't have that experience, we give their money back no questions asked. Guess what? No one has ever asked for his money back after 10 years of being in business."

John Morana's MaxEffect (www.Max-Effect.com) has been serving contractors for years without specializing in the plumbing or HVAC industries. Morana is considered one of the top Yellow Pages ad designers.

"I look forward to teaming up with Service Roundtable members," said Morana, "and helping them achieve what they've always wanted from the Yellow Pages... Lots and lots of telephone calls and a robust return on investment."

The Service Roundtable is a private contractor group serving plumbing and HVAC contractors. Consult & Coach Partners are leading industry consultants who serve as resources to Service Roundtable members. For more information, visit www.serviceroundtable.com.

Publication date: 04/04/2005