DALLAS - The Plumbing and Mechanical Professionals of Virginia (PMPV) has announced an endorsement of the Service Roundtable, which has been reciprocated by an endorsement of the PMPV by the Service Roundtable. The two organizations stated that they intend to work together to advance contracting excellence in Virginia.

"We're happy to work with the Service Roundtable," said Merry Beth Hall, PMPV's executive director. "The Service Roundtable offers affordable solutions for contractors seeking to improve their sales, marketing, and profitability. The group is extremely complementary to our efforts to provide local training, industry relations, and legislative representation. We're looking forward to working together for the benefit of PMPV contractors."

"The Service Roundtable is a strong supporter of trade associations," said Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel, "and the PMPV is a tremendous statewide trade group. Virginia contractors are fortunate to have them as a resource. For our part, we're honored to be able to work with them."

PMPV is a chartered affiliate of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors-National Association (PHCC). For more information, visit www.pmpv.org.

The Service Roundtable is a private contractor group serving the HVAC and plumbing industries. For more information, visit www.serviceroundtable.com.

Publication date: 02/21/2005