ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA), one of the top sponsors of the Alliance to Save Energy's "Power is In Your Hands" campaign to promote energy efficiency, was on hand for the campaign's recent launch. Speaking at the launch press conference, NAIMA president and CEO, Ken Mentzer, emphasized the need for increasing energy efficiency in America's 46 million under-insulated homes. "Today, we are facing record high fuel costs and growing imports. Energy efficiency is cheaper than fuel and the Congress and president just passed consumer tax credits for increasing the energy efficiency of existing homes. If now is not the time for improving energy efficiency, when is?"

The campaign is supported by a broad-based coalition with the goal of empowering consumers to lower energy use and maximize savings through energy efficiency measures such as adding insulation.

"Improved energy efficiency will save Americans money immediately and protect the environment for a lifetime," said Mentzer. "That is what The Power is In Your Hands Campaign is all about - helping Americans take specific and immediate steps that can improve the energy efficiency of their homes and protect themselves from rising energy costs."

"The power to save energy and money is in the hands of each and every consumer in the U.S.," said Alliance president Kateri Callahan, citing improved insulation and the federal tax incentives for improved energy efficiency in buildings. "Even small actions by large numbers of people add up to significant energy and monetary savings. Energy efficiency remains the quickest, cheapest, cleanest way to help consumers lower their home energy bills, extend our nation's energy supplies, and bring down energy costs for all of us."

For specific actions to take to improve energy efficiency in buildings and for details on the federal tax credits for consumers, visit and

Publication date: 12/19/2005