PHOENIX and DENVER - Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano has signed a bill that sets minimum energy efficiency standards for 12 products not covered by current federal standards. Starting in 2008, the law will apply to the following products sold in Arizona: commercial refrigerators and freezers, large commercial air conditioning equipment, icemakers, unit heaters, spray nozzles used in commercial kitchens, commercial clothes washers, low-voltage distribution transformers, torchiere light fixtures, exit signs, metal-halide lamp fixtures, power supplies for electronic devices, and traffic signals.

According to the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), the standards will save Arizona consumers and business a total of $650 million on energy bills by 2030. California, Connecticut, Maryland, and New Jersey have already adopted efficiency standards on these products.

Colorado Governor Bill Owens, however, has vetoed a similar bill. House Bill 1162 aimed to set minimum energy efficiency standards on 14 products not currently covered by federal energy efficiency standards. According to the governor's veto message, Owens prefers to let market forces generate energy efficiency, with the concern that standards could increase costs. The governor is also opposed to state-by-state legislation, arguing that the federal government should set uniform standards.

Publication date: 05/16/2005